2-Pack - Eureka DCF-4, DCF-18 Compatible HEPA Filter. Replaces Part # 927 for Model # 62132

2-Pack - Eureka DCF-4, DCF-18 Compatible HEPA Filter. Replaces Part # 927 for Model # 62132

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2-Pack - Washable & Reusable Long-Life Eureka DCF4 DCF18 Filters by Fette Filter.

Replaces Eureka Part # DCF-4 DCF-18 62132 63073 3690 18505 and fits 4700 and 5500 series uprights.

Also fits GE (General Electric) Part # 61700, 61770, DCF1, DCF-1, 28608-1, 28608B-1; Fits GE Models: GE5550, 106585, GE-5550.

This filter fits many different series of Eureka and GE Vacuum Cleaners. Below are just some of the Eureka and GE Vacuum Cleaners that take this filter: Eureka 4700 series Eureka 3690 Eureka Mighty Mite Eureka 5500, 5550 and others in the series Also Fits Eureka Models: 3690, 3690A, 3690AV, 3690B, 3690BV, 3695A, 5550A, 5550A-1, 5550A-2, EL6988A, 3690-A, 3690-AV, 3690-B, 3690-BV, 3695-A, 5550-A, 5550-A-1, 5550-A-2, EL-6988-A Eureka Maxima - 4700D, 4711BZ, 4704BLU, 4704PNK, 4704PUR, 4711BZ Eureka Boss Power Plus - 4703D, 4703BLU Eureka Pet Pal - 4716AVZ Eureka LightForce 300 - 4718AVZ Eureka LightSpeed 100 - 4709AZ Eureka LightSpeed - 4700D Eureka Maxima Bagless Uprights Models 4700(BLM, LMP, LTA, ONG, RED), 4700A, 4700D, 4701A, 4701AZ, 4702A, 4703A, 403BLU, 4703D, 4704A, 4704BLM, 4704BLU, 4704LMP, 4704LTA, 4704ONG, 4704PNK, 4704PUR,4704RED 4709AZ, 4711AZ, 4711BZ, 4712AZ, 4716AVZ, 4718AVZ Also fits GE Part # 61700, 61770, DCF1, DCF-1, 28608-1, 28608B-1.

This is not a Eureka® OEM product. The Eureka® brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Eureka® brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.

  • Eureka compatible DCF-4, DCF-18 Bagless Vac Dust Cup Pleated Hepa Filter Made By Fette Filter
  • Helps to trap 99% of airborne pollutants 0.3 microns or larger, including mold spores, pet dander, grass and ragweed pollen
  • Compatible with EUREKA* Powerline*, Maxima*, LightSpeed and LightForce* (4700-4770 Series); High Performance* (HP5555 Series) and 5500 Series Uprights
  • Replaces Eureka GE DCF1 DCF4 DCF18 Part # 62132 63073 61770 3690 18505 28608-1 28608B-1
  • High Quality Fette Filter Brand Product